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Natural Cool's customers enjoy great after-sales service support and maintenance of your air-conditioners or any electrical appliances purchased. We advocate the importance of regular maintenance to improve the life span of these purchases.

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Regular maintenance is especially important for air-conditioning units as it allows the unit to last longer, incurs lower running costs and costs less to repair and maintain. Natural Cool offers both ad-hoc and contract servicing packages to cater to the various needs of our customer.

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To ensure that you always receive top-notch maintenance service, Natural Cool trains and upgrades the skills of our staff by sending them for regular trainings. These trainings ensure that we stay relevant and abreast of technology and industry trends.

With our expertise in the above, and with our ISO 9001:2000 certification, BCA Registered M&E Company, and PSB certified products, we have the qualities and reliability to provide professional work for your company.

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